[Writing] NaNo is over, hello December!



Yes, I survived another NaNoWriMo! I think my official word count was just over 52,000, which is the most I’ve done since joining the competition. The good news is that it definitely got me back in the swing of things. The bad news is that most of this will probably be scrapped because it’s just words– which is what NaNo is suppose to be.

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#throwbackThursday ~ Method Man

When I first heard this song, I was in middle school. And I’m sure it was due to my sheltered upbringing, but I had no idea what they were talking about. What I knew is that all the girls in my grade wanted to be as fly as Mary J. Blige.

I remember watching a show on MTV– back when they did actual reporting on music– and some exec wanted Lauryn Hill to sing the hook on this song. But Lyor Cohen [president of Island Def Jam Music Group] was like “…nah.” I think Mary J.’s vocals are the best for this song anyways.

#throwbackThursday: Bobby Brown

In honor of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, Halloween and it being #tbt, here’s one I really enjoyed growing up. I haven’t heard this song in so long.

I’m back from Nijicon and getting back into the groove of things (upcoming holidays) with work, so I’ll be back with a proper update tomorrow (hopefully!).