[Reblog] Being Your Authentic Self

Sorry I’ve been behind on the posts here. But here’s a rundown:

1. A snow storm passed through and I gained a snow day yesterday, which was much-needed!
2. #MarchMadness will start soon.
3. Spring is officially next week, so we’ll see if the snow will stick around.
4. Got feedback on my beginning chapters of my novel, and I’m super geeked about it!
5. [For the time being] not sick!

Earlier, I’d come across this blog entry and since I’m a big fan of Noor’s, I wanted to share this with y’all. Enjoy!

Biased Bull Blog

So for all you avid readers that have been eagerly sitting by your computer all day mechanically pressing refresh in expectation of my latest daily blog (so basically you, mother), your agonizing anticipation has finally come to an end. Before you march  (those seem to be in vogue these days) to Milwaukee, pitchforks in hand to passively aggressively critique my lack of punctuality, let me first explain myself. The tardiness of this latest installment is for a very good reason.

Tonight at 8PM I attended a speech given by Noor Tagouri, a muslim American on air reporter who currently works for the website Newsy. Now there are many superlatives that could be applied to Miss Tagouri; brilliant, competitive, trailblazer, passionate etc. but I am choosing a far more direct and considerably less elegant phrase— total motherfreakin badass.

I don’t throw around the phrase “badass” very often, in fact, I don’t think…

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Spotlight on: Lis’n Up Clothing


Today’s Friday spotlight is on Lis’n Up Clothing! The Massachusetts-based company had come to my attention when they’d teamed up with Noor Tagouri— a Washington, D.C. based journalist who spearheaded the viral hashtag campaign #LetNoorShine—to create The Noor Effect. They’d just wrapped up The GIRL Tour in Boston, and I had the chance to speak with Adam Khafif, the CEO of Lis’n Up Clothing.

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Blog Spotlight on: Libby Zay


Today, I want to highlight a blogger I’d worked with while I was a PR intern at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), Libby Zay. During the time I’d shared her office, I’d learnt how cool of person she is. She’d traveled all over the world and got to write about it. Sounds like an awesome job to me!

While working with her, she had become one of the inspirations that drove me to want more out of my writing; it didn’t matter if it was an article, blurb or a novel draft. Libby has written for many publications, such as Urbanite, Baltimore City Paper and About.com. With her camera and notebook, she’s always up for an adventure! Check out her blog at libbyzay.com and her newest endeavor, The Scout Project, which is a merit badge based program and blog for curious people of all ages.