“Am I next?”

Letters in a window reads BLM for Black Lives Matter

I recently went to my first protest here in Baltimore, and it was a very uplifting experience.

Albeit, I was very nervous! I’d read the news of the how the police had been treating the protestors in other cities, and I was concerned that something would pop off here. I already don’t really like large crowds, but this was important and I wanted to support in some way.

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My MacBook is doing something… special. I’ve no idea what it is and have zero idea of how to fix it.

*sigh* I’ve gotta wait now until someone I know I’d awake because Google was no help.

(This is what happens when you write at night– everyone else is sleeping.)

God willing it can be fixed because I’m not gonna be happy if I’m hit with “You need a new computer.” I’m not EVEN gonna touch on if my manuscript is now lost…

Yall pray for me.