Back to basics with 112

Sometimes, it’s good to just strip things down to the basics.

I’ve been wrestling with an important decision for the past week. And while it’s sort of an easy choice to make, it’s hard for me because of the type of person I am. Far too often, we allow the noise of everything to infiltrate and cloud things up. Your environment becomes too loud. Then, it’s very hard to see what’s plain as day in front of you.

It’s one of the reasons why I love this song. It’s very simple and timeless. A perfect song to sing and slow-dance to. 112 is a group that I really wished I’d seen in concert. And while COVID has put a stop to concerts for a spell, it will be hard to see this group because they broke up. It really breaks my heart when I read that groups I like part ways. I’d read that money was the cause—isn’t it always?—but who knows what the future may bring.

For now, the music is enough to remind me that simple is usually the best solution.

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