[#MusicMonday] Phonte

I found this accidentally while scrolling through Instagram. I found myself on Alia Mohamed‘s page and she was skating outside. And the song just fit with the whole vibe. And how fitting, seeing as I’m trying to move out to LA but this global pandemic won’t allow me to be great.

Now, I’m a bit of a music snob—in that I don’t really seek out new music. Well, new to me. I don’t even listen to my radio when I drive. I always plug in my phone and listen to the music I have saved.

(which reminds me, I really must get my old iPod fixed!)

It’s the same few songs, but they’re mostly 90’s R&B. Things that remind me of my childhood and just feel good and comfortable. I listen to a lot of Anita Baker, Gerald Lavert, Barry White, Aaliyah, Dru Hill and Boyz II Men.

But listening to this song while I was watching her skate, I was inspired to seek this artist out. So I went to iTunes and bought the song. With new-to-me artists, I seek out a few songs at a time before I buy an entire album.

But at least with this song, Phonte has won me over.




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