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Stripped to the basics. Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Happy Writer Wednesday!

What a few months 2020 has been—unbelievable! This week, I just want to highlight starting again. I don’t think that starting again has to have a negative connation. For me, starting again helps me put into practice new lessons I’ve learnt.

My goal this week is to revamp this website. It’s been a while since I’ve had it, and honestly, I really wasn’t sure what I really wanted from it. The idea of this blog has been thought about, reworked, rejected and sent back to the drawing board. But I may have an idea of just exactly what I want from her.

So in addition to updating on here more regularly, I’m going to redesigning some things about. I’ve just finished a deadline for my publisher and it may be a while until my next one. So this would be a perfect time!

Speaking of deadlines, I missed my self-imposed deadline about having a good draft of my novel done. Even with COVID and the stay-at-home order, many of life’s dealings had made the previous weeks home very hard to write. So it had to take a back seat while I dealt with life.

Now that it’s summer and life has settled for me, I’ve been inspired to get back to my characters. I’ve really missed them, and that part of me has missed me as well. My plot devices will pop into my head at the most random times, but I’m so grateful for it. The other day I was dusting and suddenly, I had new route of trouble for one of my characters that I was excited to try out. It’s such an awesome feeling—trying out different puzzles and holes for characters to get into and out of.

This week, my readers are invited to write three things they’re grateful for. Mine are:

  1. my health—I’ve fully recovered from surgery and am very appreciative of all the places requiring facemasks.
  2. the ability to pay my bills—seriously happy about this!
  3. that I finally switched from Verizon DSL to Comcast Xfinity. It’s amazing all you can stream and get done when you don’t have to constantly restart your modem!

What are you grateful for?

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