[RL] Try not to pandemic?

Neon pink sign in cursive reads "Breathe"

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

Folks, it’s been quite a year!

I know that it’s only April, but it would seem that 2020 is trying to throw everything at us right now. From the various storms to record flooding and wildfires, and now this pandemic, it seems that Mother Earth is just sick of our shit.

I, like mostly everyone, have been home since the beginning of March with a lot of time on my hands. The great thing about me is that I’m hardly ever bored because I’ve got PLENTY to keep me occupied.

No, seriously. You should see the various “To Do” lists I create. I have a problem.

But anyways, I’d decided to FINALLY jump into some crafting projects of mine and I made a face mask!

Me smiling with the purple and white polka dot fabric

To be honest, my first sewing project was going to be pajamas. Ambitious, yes I know. But due to the pandemic and the fact that I still have to go out with a chronic condition, I’d decided to aim a bit lower and try a face mask first.

The hardest bit was finding the right pattern for me and my skills. Somehow I found this pattern and it was pretty simple to follow thankfully.

Face Mask Pattern

Purple and white polka-dot fabric with white pencil

The other hard bit was that my sewing machine was vintage and gifted to me by a dear friend who has passed away. So even when armed with a found pdf of the instructions, it was a bit tough to get the hang of but I made it work! *cheers*

Crafting my mask took a bit longer than the directions said it would because my thread kept snapping. I didn’t realize until late in the steps that my tension disks were too tight *groan*

Also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the appropriate-sized flat elastic nowadays. Unless you’d like to pay $30.00 in shipping costs to buy some from Asia, which I did not. So another reason it took me longer was because I’d used fabric strips instead of the easy elastic. Once the supply is replenished, I’d love to do it again with the elastic.  But for now, fabric strips it is!

Purple and white polka-dot fabric cut into rectangle and four strips

One of the notes I gave myself was to figure out a way to fold the strips better so that the fraying edges won’t be on the outside. It was a bit difficult to fold them how the instructions said so I just folded them once. Now that it’s complete, I think I’ve thought of a way to fold them so that the edges are on the inside and the fraying won’t be a problem.

Face mask sewn inside out with fabric strips

Another note I gave myself was to use black thread until I can get straighter seams along the edge. Mine aren’t terrible but of course, I’d like them to be better. This will come with practice, I’m sure.

Completed purple and white polka dot face mask

Oh, I’d also followed the instructions for the inside pocket so that a filter could be inserted for added protection, and I haven’t inserted a nose bridge yet. I’m thinking of using pipe cleaners but I may have to experiment to see what works.

Completed purple and white polka dot face mask with inside filter pocket shown

The comments on the pattern’s page say to wash the fabric before you start. I didn’t because it was brand spanking new fabric and I was afraid of it fraying and coming apart in the wash. But now that the mask is complete, I’ll stick it into a lingerie bag and wash it now.  I’ll update on her condition after the wash and dry cycles.

My sister and brother-in-law have requested masks so I’ve got more to make. But this was super fun! If you all have made masks, or are making them, please let me know on your progress!

Major thank yous to all the workers who are still out there on the front lines. I appreciate each and every single one of you. And if you have to head out, for fuck’s sake, BE NICE! They’re taking major risks by doing their jobs—the absolute last thing they need on top of everything else is your shitty attitude.

Guys, I hope this passes soon—by soon I mean by the end of summer. But until then, take care of yourselves and each other, catch your coughs and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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