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I’m starting something new on here titled #thelateness. I’m dedicating anything I should have done, watched, etc. for the longest time that I’m just now doing to the hashtag.

So today’s #thelateness, LinkedIn. When I was doing my graduate degree, my social media teacher had taught us about LinkedIn, among the other platforms. She did encourage us to at least sign up for each platform and play around to see if it would be a good fit for our business.

Honestly, I didn’t see LinkedIn being a benefit for my business so I didn’t bother. I saw it more corporate than freelance and design—shows what I know, right? I’d found that Instagram and Pinterest fit my business mold better so I stuck with them, and had kept Twitter and Facebook for strictly personal usage.

Lately I’ve been back and forth about creating a Facebook fanpage, because I’ve been getting some weird friend requests. I can only surmise that they’re people who follow the blog and found me on there. I think that once I get a bigger platform, then I’ll revisit the idea.

As some of you know, I’ve been job hunting in Los Angeles for the better part of 3 years (at least) because I’d like to have a job there before I physically move there. And I’m here to tell you folks—it is WAY fucking hard to job hunt in a city when you’re not physically there. I don’t care what the cover letter templates and all say—a good majority of places will not even give you a phone call for an interview if you’re not physically there.

And say you use a friend’s or a relative’s address? Well, then you’re in another pickle. I actually did that once, about 3 years ago. I’d interviewed for an office job with Hallmark on a Wednesday. Not only did I get an email response within two hours, but they wanted to see me for an interview the next day!

[insert slight panic here]

So, I didn’t panic too much—I was really excited! Here I’d been asking for a shot and here it was! By the grace of God I’d just gotten in my tax refund check and I was able to score a good Airbnb, because this was Valentine’s weekend and all the hotels were gonna be a bitch to book. The stars had aligned!

After letting them know that I was available that Friday, everything was confirmed. I’d lucked out further and gotten a plane ticket to LA at a good price and I flew out the next day.

The interview was a breeze honestly. The woman I’d met with was very nice, but I knew halfway through the interview that she wasn’t going to offer me the job. First, I had a Master degree and the job was only paying $10/hr.

Side note—I really hate when jobs don’t post the compensation, or at least a range, on the job listing. Then I won’t waste my time.

But the longer we’d talked, the more of my creative and long-term plans she’d learnt. So she talked with me less about the job and more about how television development worked. And it was a great meeting, just not exactly what I’d hoped for.

So I thanked her, I’d left and met up with a friend and we went and saw KINGSMAN on opening night. And that’s also when I’d learnt about the glory of reserved seating in theatres.

But back to present day, I recently had a meeting at MICA’s Career Development Center because I’d not been having any luck. The director asked me questions, looked over my resume and cover letter and got a better sense of what I was looking for. First thing she recommended was that I stop job hunting. She told me that only 5% of people who apply through job postings actually get the job.

Man that sounded grim. I tried searching for the stats on that but I only found this article written back in 2016 saying that it was 2%. The point it, more jobs are awarded through networking, and for the life of me, I can’t believe I’d forgotten that.

The next thing she recommended was for me to join LinkedIn, so I did. And because I went to MICA, there are LOADS of alumni who live or work in LA. And now, I have plenty of people to reach out to, to actually meet and have a conversation with.

So I’m going to give it a try and see what roads it leads me down.

Oh quick update: I’m done my first draft of a comic manuscript! First one I’ve ever written, so yay me, and now it’s gotta get cleaned up. It needs notes and then I can send it to my publisher when she’s ready. This is so exciting!

This is my last month of freedom until my job starts back up again, so I’m gonna live it up best I can.


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