[RL] Happy 4th!

A hand holding a sparkler in front of the US flag.

Photo by Trent Yarnell on Unsplash

Happy 4thguys!!

Since it’s July, I thought it was time to do a 6-monthish evaluation on my resolutions—really to gauge where I am, and if I need to do some adjusting.

First, I need to get better with not accepting every job [for money]. I mean, while I [always] need the funds, I tend to spread myself WAY thin and then wonder why am I so exhausted, why I don’t have the energy or time to do the things I’m passionate about. And then those funds I’m killing myself to get, it’s paper thin—gone in a flash. It’s really not so that I can spend it on things I enjoy, or things that’ll help benefit my career. It’s going towards a bill of some kind. And when I realize that, it just depresses me.

Now that it’s summer and I’ve wrapped my current freelance job (for now), I can get to my massive “To-do” list. It’s mostly passion projects, writing projects and general organization of my room and closet. I’ve almost 100 items on my list and since June 18th, I’ve crossed off about 20 things. Yay!!!

  • I’m trying to get better with self-care, and saving my coins for the big-ticket items that I really want, like another passport stamp, and my own apartment.
  • I haven’t read 17 books yet but I have read ::checks notes:: 7.
  • I’ve written ½ of a comic script.
  • I have travelled internationally once and I have one more stamp to get (even though Canada doesn’t stamp US passports I’m still counting it!)
  • I’ve not written a business plan yet.
  • I’ve not finished my novel yet, but it’s on my list to make a dent in it this summer.
  • I’ve not paid off any credit cards yet. Here’s hoping to the next 6 months.
  • I’ve not gotten a new tattoo yet but I know what I’m getting next and where.
  • I’ve downloaded some new manuscripts but I haven’t read them yet.
  • I haven’t cracked open my Rosetta Stone—pretty lame for a person who wants to learn about 4 other languages.
  • I’ve not learnt the guitar, the violin or the piano yet. I had a piano teacher but it’s not going to work out. So I’m on the lookout for another.

All of this, on top of finding a better paying day-job. So yeah… I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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