[Holiday] Labor/Labour Day or How I learnt to love the end of summer

It’s already Labor Day?! Guys, is it just me or is 2017 in a hurry to be done? Not that I’m complaining… (see: Brexit, cholera outbreak in Yemen, US 2016 Presidential Elections, Hurricane Harvey, etc.) But I am kinda excited to see what 2018 will hold.

(Hopefully some elected officials with some common fucking sense in this country.)

But today in the US and Canada, it’s a national holiday– Labor Day [Labour Day for Canadians]. You can read here about the holiday if you’d like more information. But it also spells the unofficial end to the summer season. Many of the public and private pools will close after today so many people will be getting in those last laps and bikini selfies.

(Just realized that I haven’t been swimming all summer, I suck.)

On Tuesday, it’s back to work, school or whatever schedule we’ll be engaged in for the next 10 or so months.

But summer’s not over yet, so for those who’ll be knocking back a few, this one’s for you:

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