[RL] Update and a new chapter

Oh my gosh, it’s good to be back! It’s been a minute, and I’ve had some things to catch up on since my last computer died.

Still miffed at Apple for fucking up the [non] service on my last computer, but thank God I’ve got some really great grandparents who were able to help me out with a new computer—blogging from your phone is not the business, just FYI. Great in a pinch, but that’s it.

Did you know that Apple laptops no longer come with CD drives, or regular-sized USB ports? Cause I didn’t. Apparently people don’t use regular CDs or watch DVDs on their computers anymore. So not only did I get a separate CD drive—I still watch DVDs on my computer—but I also was given an adapter for the USB port since all my devices use the regular-sized one.

I swear people just keep changing shit that’s been working and it’s a pain in the ass.

I also didn’t know how large my hard drive was on my old computer. Now, I’m a person who really tries to keep on top of things, and how I managed to not know that is still beyond me. It’s really because my old computer was a gift and it kept saving everything I needed, so I never really questioned it. I got a rude awakening when I tried to transfer my old hard drive onto the new one and was hit with the serious side-eye. Needless to say, the new computer had to be wiped and returned and a new-new one was ordered.

The keys are slimmer—still getting used to being easier on the keyboard as I type—and I’ve got a touch ID board to replace the function keys at the top.

In addition to my newest electronic addition, school will be starting on Tuesday and I decided to take a little back for myself. I resigned being a regular employee at my summer day-job, and have decided to just be seasonal. So unless I’m not needed, I’ll be back around Christmas—possibly. Looking at my teaching schedule, it’s not like college where I’d get a month off for the holiday. I’ve got a week and I might actually wanna take that week off. But who knows, right?

I’ve also just had a theatre audition, so fingers crossed! I’d really love to book more commercials, but auditions for them don’t come to Baltimore very often. It was by the grace of God I’d found the one was I was a couple of years ago. Which reminds me… I never got to watch the episode of Nightmare Next Door that I was cast in. The producer never sent out the copies and I missed when it was aired.

People always said that it’s harder to get copies of stuff you’ve done than to find the work and I’m starting to believe them. I’m gonna have to track that producer down somehow.

Holiday weekend and I’ve spent all Saturday in bed, watching tv. I’ve pledged to do some actual work today, which means writing. My goal is to have my novel finished by the end of this year, so I’d really better get on it. A few chapters in and I’ve finally settled on my protagonist’s name, so progress.

Oh, I’m pretty sure I’m heading to Yaoi-Con this year, so I’ll keep yall posted. My publisher will be there but this will be my first time going so I’m excited! I know I’ve been saying for the past couple of years that I’d be there but I think I’m actually going this time. It’s mad expensive to fly across the country for a weekend so yall will excuse me if something happens last minute. But I really hope I’ll be able to attend. I’ll vlog it if I go.

And speaking of vlogs, I recorded my time at Artscape in July and now that I’ve got a working computer, I’ve gotta figure out how to edit the video and post it. I’ll let you know when it’s up. I’m also working on a new podcast episode with a good friend of mine on a subject we’ve been ranting about for a while when I had the brilliant idea to finally record it. So I’m hoping we’ll be able to record this month sometime. We’re trying to line up our free weekends.

Ok, the sun is up and I’ll get some writing done before sleep finally takes hold of me for a few hours. Later!

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