[Journal Challenge] Smile

Hey guys!

It’s a new month, into a new summer and another holiday is almost upon us. Where is the time going? Honestly, I’m not complaining– you guys are all aware of the shitshow that my  country is currently facing. I’ll be back with a post on that later this weekend, God willing.

I recently picked up this new journal, a different kind than what I’m used to. Normally when I journal, I just write in a book whatever is on my mind at that time, on that day, or something I’m really wrestling with that’s consuming me and my feelings. But this journal is one of self-exploration, or so it says on the cover. So I thought to give it a try.

For this month, I’d like to post some of the questions to you guys and I hope you’ll reply with your responses. Some of the questions won’t work in this setting, and I’ll try to share some of my own answers– ones I don’t feel are too personal. So here we go!

List 5 things that always, and immediately, bring a smile to your face.

  1. [Good] Food!
  2. my dog, Corey
  3. the nest of baby birds in my backyard.
  4. books!
  5. holidays with my family

What are your 5 things?

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