Murjani’s Miscellania with: Christopher Schafer

Hey guys!

I’m still recovering from bronchitis but I’m way much better than I was last week, thank God. This week, I’m trying to catch up on all the work I had to postpone because I had zero energy to do anything but lie down. But, on with the show!

It’s been a while but the podcast is back with a new episode! Today, I had a chat with Christopher Schafer, owner and founder of Christopher Schafer Clothier, and founder of Sharp Dressed Man, an organization based in Baltimore. I first found out about Sharp Dressed Man because Bmore Creatives instagramed one of their pictures, which led my curiosity to look up the organization. And I was just blown away with everything I was reading about them.

So give a listen, click the link and check them out. And if you’re in Baltimore, they’re always looking for volunteers so give them a ring. Perfect if you’d like to donate your time, or if you’re a high school student who still needs those community service hours.

Also, Christopher Schafer Clothier will be celebrating their anniversary this Friday at their studio! So pop on by, or stop past their social media platforms to wish them a hearty congratulations!

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