[Ramblings] Who is you?!

No, the title isn’t a mistake. I purposefully typed it out that way. Because sometimes, you just gotta ask “Who is you?!” with the o_O face.

The above image has really become my favorite meme since I’d found it sometime a couple of years ago. But tonight as I looked through my Instagram feed, I found a post I wanted to apply it to. And because of that rant inside my head, I was inspired to write this post.

(Shame that you can’t post images in the comments on IG, because I would’ve posted this there!)

So I follow Dina Tokio—a fashion and beauty blogger from the United Kingdom—on various social media platforms. I love her style of fashion, and her quirky sense of humor; not to mention, she seems like a genuinely nice person. She also is a Muslim hijabi—a woman who dresses conservatively and covers her hair. Since I’ve started following her, I’ve noticed a distressing amount of commenters who feel the need to police what she’s wearing in her pictures, or that she chooses to show a bit of her hairline on her forehead.

It’s been stated over and over again that each hijabi adapts their own style. And most people don’t seem to realize that each hijabi’s culture may influence how they wear their head-wrap. Some wear in a more drapery style, some wear a turban-style, some choose to cover their neck and others don’t. So, there isn’t any one style of wearing the hijab.

People seem to forget something—Dina is a grown-ass woman and last time I checked, she didn’t ask for some stranger’s opinion on how her hijab should be. How she wears her hijab is her business and if someone’s really upset, there’s always the “Unfollow” button. Just click it, and it’ll be all over.

But then again, I’m expecting people to be logical and use their brain… how rude of me.

In a perfect world, people would stop policing a woman’s modesty, but ashy is as ashy does.

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