[Writing] NaNo is over, hello December!



Yes, I survived another NaNoWriMo! I think my official word count was just over 52,000, which is the most I’ve done since joining the competition. The good news is that it definitely got me back in the swing of things. The bad news is that most of this will probably be scrapped because it’s just words– which is what NaNo is suppose to be.

Honestly, I hate writing like that. As I’ve stated before, my problem is that I edit while I write. It’s insane and takes longer, but it calms my anxiety– for a short amount of time! But it’s something that I’m trying to work out of, mostly for the time factor and to not drive myself more insane. But I’ve given myself a deadline of March to get a “final” draft to my publisher so here’s hoping I can stick to it.

Speaking of, I’m nearly done a book my publisher sent to me. Another reason I decided to hold off on my own writing is because I’ve been busy editing this thing– it’s a monster! But it’s one I’m really looking forward to because I love the story very much. The fans have been anticipating this and I just hope we don’t let them down. But it’s being laid out and I’m still going through the pdf. I’m hoping that my part will be done this weekend.

Tomorrow, a new podcast episode will be posted so be on the lookout for that. Recently, I’d watched BET’s Soul Train Awards and they’d given Teddy Riley the Soul Train Legend Award. The man is a producing genius and I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s had his hand in. Since it’s #throwbackThursday, I’m sharing one of my favorite songs that he’s done with Blackstreet. Enjoy!

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