[RL] #ThisIsNotNormal


This has been an interesting week. I feel that I’m slowly coming out of the slump I was in due to the clusterfuck of an election’s result, but I won’t be back to where I was before last Tuesday. I don’t any of us will be– those of us who didn’t vote for 45.

I will not call that man by his government name– he will be “45” to me, until he’s no longer in charge of my country. I don’t feel comfortable using his name, and won’t pour that juju into my positive sphere.

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you’ve seen my hashtag #ThisIsNotNormal. It means that this shit isn’t normal– having a president-elect who has been endorsed by the KKK, having country-wide mass protests against the result, the collective media and public scratching their heads like “What the fuck is this and what the fuck are we gonna do?!”, a president-elect who refuses to release his tax returns or put his financial holdings into a blind trust because he doesn’t want anyone outside of his family to see the shady shit he’s pulling.

Also, it’s to let you know that when people of marginalized communities are attacked openly in public, it’s not normal. When people see a person being attacked in public and they do nothing to help that victim, it’s not normal. When mothers are calling and texting their daughters who are hijabis and beg them to not wear their hijab in public out of fear for their safety, it’s not normal. This person who the electoral college decided to give the presidency to is not normal. During the next 4 years, my country will not be normal.

A friend posted this on twitter and it was very eye-opening, so give it a read if you will– This Is Not Normal.



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