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I’ve just recently had the words to express what it is that I’m feeling. At first, I was going to go on a social media blackout to reconcile my feelings with the election’s results. And then, I thought against it.

Oh, I’m going on a tv news media blackout– don’t know when I’ll return to it (I really only watch the BBC news). But I remembered that I have friends across the country and overseas who are mourning with me, and I really could use all the positive energy around me I can stand. Let’s get this out of the way first: I don’t agree with the election’s result. I didn’t vote for DT and I believe he’s a catastrophic option to be the leader of the USA. I am legitimately concerned about the US being involved in a world war, a nuclear war, and just all-around fuckupedness because this asshole can’t contain his temperament and has ZERO knowledge on how the world works, let alone how the US government works.

People can say what they will about President Obama– and trust me, they have (we’ve had to listen to 8 years of the Right saying it). But he didn’t brag about sexual assaulting women. He didn’t commit fraud against thousands of people who attended his university. He hasn’t filed for bankruptcy six times. He hasn’t been endorsed by white-supremicist groups. Also, he hasn’t told the American public that he’s going to deport millions of people, or ban Muslims from entering into the US.

If there were a worst-case scenario, DT is worse than that. I wouldn’t trust this man with a glue gun, let alone the well-being of the US and its people. This is a man who’s own Twitter account had to be taken away by his staff because he’s not trusted to not go on a rampage at 4 A.M.

But, I’m working through the realization that this asshole douchenozzle will be our President come January 20th. And yes, we all need to band together, regroup, blah blah blah. Everyone’s pretty much saying the same thing– in fact, I’ll link an entry from Chuck Wendig at the end of this entry because he’s pretty awesome with his advice.

I just wanted to impart something to those who are reading this and did indeed vote for DT: allow your friends and family– especially if they’re in marginalized communities– who did vote for Clinton some breathing room. If they need to stop communicating with you– for whatever reason– it’s pretty shitty to try and make them feel bad about it. Yeah, you may not be a racist, bigoted twatwaffle, but you endorsed it by voting for that man. And they have to reconcile that, while respecting your right to vote however you wished. Some do that by taking a fucking breather. So let them fucking BREATHE.

Recognize that they may not have the energy to try and make you feel good about your decision, when the choice you made may– and probably will– affect their lives in a big way. Recognize they may not have the energy to pat you on the back because you’re literally crying because they may not want to be friends anymore. Just have several seats, get out your feelings, and be there again when they hit you back in a couple of months ready to talk again. Or not, and if that’s the case then find some friends that closely align with the beliefs you voted for.

And as promised, here’s Chuck Wendig’s entry from yesterday HERE.

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  1. I truly know how you feel, but now is the time for everone to get it together. This the time for re-grouping. For the next four years he is the presdent. so we have four years to unify and come up with a plan to recify this mistake.


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