#throwbackThursday ~ Chanté Moore

I recently saw an Unsung episode on Chanté Moore and I was reminded about how often I used to sing this song growing up. In fact, I was a big fan of hers and I’m ashamed to admit that I fell off. So, me and iTunes got reacquainted with her music.

Apologies for the long delay on here, but I’ve just started a new day job! I teach preschool and my kids are 2-years old, with a couple that have just turned 3. Everyday is a new challenge, but overall I really enjoy them. I don’t know what it is, or how to explain it but for now it feels like a good fit.

Yay, my nephew had arrived a few weeks ago and I can’t tell you how much I love him! Even though I didn’t carry him, nor do I see him everyday, but I’m so in love with him it’s unbelievable! My brother and SIL are just over the moon about him, and me and my sister can’t wait to spoil him rotten =)

I just heard from my publisher that we’re heading to Niji-con again, so another road trip! I’m hoping to get Emie back on the podcast soon to talk about her recent trip to SDCC and Yaoi-con for Yaoi Revolution, so hopefully we can link that up. Also, there are a couple of Baltimore-area photographers that I’m hoping to have the chance to interview as I’m a fan of both their work and you guys should be on the lookout for them. One is Schaun Champion– the owner of Fluffy Pop Postcards—  who just launched a new travel project called The Looking Glass Project. The other is Devin Allen, whose picture was recently on the cover of Time magazine when they covered the Baltimore uprising.

Speaking of work, I’ve been writing more on my novel– more involved than I’d thought but that’s my own fault. I keep thinking of more to add to the story. But seeing as this is a very, very rough draft, I expect a large chuck of it to be scrapped. Also, I’ve been outlining a possible script for a short film! Actually, I’m not sure if it will indeed be a short film or a kid’s picture book. But either way, I’m super excited about it!

Oh yeah, I’d made it a goal this year to read 12 books– at least one a month. I just added Book 8 to my list and am starting on Book 9 (I think– my phone with the list is in my bag and I’m way too tired to hop out of bed to look through it). How are y’all doing with your reading this year? Drop a comment and let me know!



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