#flashbackFriday ~ The Notorious B.I.G.

Been on a 90s music kick all week so I thought to end it with this number. Apologies for the silence on this blog, I’ve been very busy with life in general.

So a bit of an update:

I’ve been getting my lungs back into shape– after being sick with bronchitis and dealing with major allergies– so I can start auditioning again. Recently helped my mom move to back to London, and my nephew should be making his appearance within the next couple of weeks (God willing). I’ve been scouting some places around Baltimore to take some photos, but it’s been hot as balls. You’re outside for less than 5 minutes before you start sweating.

Oh, and I’ll be starting a new job after Labor Day! I’m leaving the bookstore– bittersweet– and will be teaching preschool in the same area as the store, so same commute. It’s more money, a set schedule and I’ll have my weekends free. So I’m really looking forward to it. Something I’ve learnt during my year there– retail is not the place for me, lack of a living wage aside. I just really hate bureaucracy, in all forms. I love bookstores, and yes I’ve enjoyed being there. But the customers… the fucking customers man. I swear, one day I’ll have to write a few entries of the interactions I have with people who have zero common sense. If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve read some of my “Tales of a Bookseller” posts. The truly heinous ones are the ones I don’t post. But maybe one day…

And I’ve been editing my publisher’s 2nd book– hope to have it done in time for Niji-con in October. It’s a very, very tight deadline, but we’ll see. After this project is done, I’ll be working on my novel script– hope to have it done by the end of the year. Send good vibes my way!


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