A little late night post

Kitty bookworm

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve last blogged here! Apologies to those who are reading this– I was sick with a late summer cold for the past couple of weeks. Before that, I was working a lot at my day job and would come home and pass out, too tired to do anything. But thankfully I’m not congested anymore and I’ve resumed my yoga regime.

Quick little update– I had booked an extra part in a commercial (before the sickness), so that was fun. I had also booked a theatre role but I had to drop off due to scheduling with my job and writing. But it was cool– now my understudy will star in all 3 shows, which is always awesome =)

The move to LA has been very slow as no one really wants to hire me before I get there– very frustrating. So for now, I’m still home in Baltimore making it work.

Anyways, I’d thought about the positive energy that has been coming to me recently and it made me think about something. A few days ago at my job, I was in line at the café and the woman before me was trying to buy an iced coffee. She wanted to use a gift card for Starbucks but my store doesn’t accept them, so she left the line to get her wallet. So while the server was getting my order, I saw the lady try to back into line at the end and wait again. I motioned for her to come up front, and had the server add an iced coffee to my order for her.

The woman was so surprised– that a stranger would show her such an act of kindness. Her words were, “This has never happened to me before.” And I was surprised by that. No one had ever offered to cover her coffee drink? I found that very shocking and little upsetting. Are we that preoccupied with our day-to-day that a small act of kindness has somehow eluded us?

Now, I understand if you’re really scrapped for money and can barely afford to pay for your food, let alone a stranger’s. But this day, I was in the position to help out, and I wanted to. So I had accepted her thanks, told her to “Pay it forward” and I went and had lunch.

So my call to action (CTA) for you guys is to do an act of kindness for someone. A genuine act of kindness, and tell them to pay it forward– for them to help out someone else in return. Let’s help infuse this week with some good will in our hearts.

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