Murjani’s Miscellania with: Emie


Recently, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Baltimore-area indie author Emie. Her most recent book, Adonis, was published by Yaoi Revolution, an indie publishing company based in Irvine, California. You can connect with Emie through her Facebook fan page, EAB Author Page, and can purchase her book here.

Blog Spotlight on: Libby Zay


Today, I want to highlight a blogger I’d worked with while I was a PR intern at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), Libby Zay. During the time I’d shared her office, I’d learnt how cool of person she is. She’d traveled all over the world and got to write about it. Sounds like an awesome job to me!

While working with her, she had become one of the inspirations that drove me to want more out of my writing; it didn’t matter if it was an article, blurb or a novel draft. Libby has written for many publications, such as Urbanite, Baltimore City Paper and With her camera and notebook, she’s always up for an adventure! Check out her blog at and her newest endeavor, The Scout Project, which is a merit badge based program and blog for curious people of all ages.

Happy June!


Happy June guys!

…but seriously, when did June get here? It really snuck up on me, how about y’all? 2015 is nearly halfway over—how crazy is that?! How are those New Year resolutions holding up?

Apologies for the long delay—my May family obligations were very time consuming. Everyone has graduated and my Girl Scout troop had their bridging ceremony, so the season has ended. It was cool to see the girls excited about the badges they’d earned over the year, and that 2 of my girls have crossed over to join the Juniors.

As for me, I’m in the mist of outlining the documentary I’ll be filming in Baltimore soon—über excited about it—and setting up some upcoming interviews for the podcast. I’ll be interviewing an indie author this Sunday, talking about her newly released book and our feelings about comic conventions. I’m getting better about podcast editing so the episode will be up within the next couple of days after we record. So stay tuned for that!

If you guys know about some Maryland-area authors or bloggers I need to interview, let me know. I enjoy talking with interesting people. On here, I’ll be highlighting some awesome and interesting blogs and/or podcasts you guys should check out. This will happen every other Friday, starting tomorrow.

Until next time!