30-Day Writing Challenge: Days 22-25


30-Day Writing Challenge: Days 22-25

Spring weather has finally hit Baltimore, and I love it! Especially right now because the pollen isn’t affecting me, which is a great thing. Good Friday is tomorrow and Sunday will be Easter. Man, the year just started and it’s already Easter. 2015 is sure in a hurry it seems.

Day 22: Your academics

Undergraduate was a bit rough for me. Not only was I not sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I’d encountered bullying my first 2 years at college. It’s odd—I thought people were adults in college. But sadly, no. There are some people who are just unhappy with their own lives, so they feel the need to pick on others who have something they feel they don’t have.

There were a couple of incidences where the authorities had to be involved, and I often thought about leaving. But I didn’t want them to win, so I stayed. And when I’d decided to not participate in marching band—the bullying started there—my life got peaceful again. Band wasn’t really something I loved—I only did it because my friends were involved. So it wasn’t a big thing for me to leave.

Undergrad was also rough because I’d allowed my home and dating life affect my studies, which shouldn’t have happened. And my financial officer was lousy; she never told me what forms she needed for my loans, or deadlines that were important. I had to navigate it all alone. At this point, I only had ¼ of the way to go until graduation, so despite the pain, it didn’t make sense to transfer to a new college and delay graduation. I just wanted to be done with the place.

But I did meet some cool friends there—some of them are still friends to this very day. So while it wasn’t all bad, I wouldn’t recommend my children going to that particular school unless they want to study business or engineering.

Graduate school was much better in every way. Yes, we had more work, but the program was only 14 months. So there was a lot to cram in, thus a lot was demanded of us. But my class was 14 people, and we all got along. Our differences were respected and we encouraged each other along the way.

I’m grateful that I have different perspectives on college life. I hope my insight can help my children make the best decisions when it’s time for them to think about college.


Day 23: Something that you miss

I may be in the minority on this, but I miss high school. I had a great time in high school. I liked my school, my teachers, my principal, the fieldtrips, even my lunch periods. But I sure don’t miss having school start at 7:20 am—that was the only thing about it I detested. But otherwise, it was cool. I got to see my friends almost everyday, I got to study science, write for the school newspaper and play sports. It was also when I’d started ballet and swimming. It was when I’d started to become brave, so I’d conquered a number of my fears. And it felt great!


Day 24: Five words/phrases that make you laugh

All of these but the first one were from my friend, Jamaar, and were said under some very interesting circumstances.

  • Throat lotion
  • Man udder
  • “It cleans bleach!”
  • Post-adolescent abortion
  • “There’s nothing romantic about anal rape.”


Day 25: Something you’re currently worrying about

As I’ve tried to adopt a more Zen-like outlook on life, I try not to let a lot bother me, especially if I have no control over it. Right now, the only thing that worries me is my job situation, as I’m sure that’s something that worries a lot of people.

Right now, I have to stay in Baltimore to finish out my Girl Scout year, which ends in May, because I’m one of the leaders of my troop. I’d promised to help out and I honor my word. While I have some freelance jobs, they’re not very steady (duh!) so I have a “regular” job, but it’s only part-time, which sucks. I love my regular job, and I just wish they could pay me more.

While I’d like to look for a new job, I also plan to move later this year to Los Angeles. So any job I take now, would have to be enough to cover my bills and expenses, and either has a location in Los Angeles where I can relocate, or be ok with me leaving within my first year. So this had made the job-hunt a bit difficult. But I know something will work out.

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