30-Day Writing Challenge: Days 18-21



30- Writing Challenge: Days 18-21

Good news: I’ve tackled things on my “To-do” list.

Bad news: I’ve added more stuff.

I’ve found that making lists really helps me, even with everyday stuff, normal stuff. So if I know I’ll have a busy day, or a busy week, I’ll set some time to write everything down and make a list; either on my phone or in my little notepad I carry with me.

As those things are checked off, I also look at my “year’s goals” lists, to see what can get down when I’m done very important things—career wise. I’ve made one for acting and writing, just to make sure I’m not slacking off all year. I have certain goals I want to accomplish and I did pretty well last year, so here’s to keeping the tradition going!

Day 18: A problem that you’ve had

I remember when a potential roommate was suppose to meet with me in LA and she never showed up. Last year, my aunt and I went out to LA—me, to scout for an apartment and she went on business.

Side note—the JW Marriott downtown is a very nice hotel. I enjoyed everything about it.

My publisher had a friend who is from Japan, and she was looking for a roommate. She told me how nice of a person she was and everything. So we both corresponded through email since our schedules could never match up, with the time zones away and her work schedule.

So I made a list of about 5 places to check out—near downtown as that was the compromise—and designated a day while I was out there. Since she had a car, I figured we could start early and see all 5 places.

The day before, I got an email from her letting me know that we’d have to start 2 hours later than we’d agreed upon. I let it slide because it really wasn’t a big thing. So we’d start at 11 instead of 9, ok.

The day of, my aunt left for her conference and I made sure I had everything I needed and waited for her in my room. At 11 am, she emailed again to tell me that she won’t be free until after 3 and I need to start without her.

…bitch say what?!

Now, I don’t normally call girls that. But bitch, you fucked up my schedule, and had the nerve to tell me AT THE FUCKING HOUR WE WERE SUPPOSE TO MEET?! And I didn’t get the courtesy of a phone call yall. She sent me an email.

I’m seriously wondering what the fuck is up with this chick.

So I vented out loud, and then narrowed down the list because I wouldn’t be able to see all 5 places, and get back to the hotel by 6. I was suppose to meet my publisher for dinner that night, and she was driving up from Orange County.

I’d settled on 2 places and plotted a journey, since one place was in Van Nuys and the other was in North Hollywood. And I was coming from downtown.

I got to the lobby and asked the valet about cab prices to North Hollywood. I didn’t know then about Lyft, or else I would’ve used them. When he told me about $40, I asked to be pointed in the direction of the nearest subway station.

After grabbing lunch near the hotel, I made my way on the subway north to look at the places. After looking at the place in North Hollywood, I did resort to a cab to get to the other place in Van Nuys, which was only about $20. The apartment was very nice, but I would need to buy a fridge.

Why do places in LA not include a fridge?

So as I’m touring, my [old] phone is dying, and I didn’t bring my charger. The girl showing me around didn’t have an iPhone charger, so I sent a quick email to the girl again to let her know where I was, and that she needed to come get me so she could get the information as well. I also told her that my phone was dying and to not call me. I’d needed the remaining juice to call my aunt if needed.

Silly me, I didn’t have her number memorized.

So after the tour, I waited in the lobby since it was hot outside. FOR 2 FUCKING HOURS. This trick never showed up.

I just took a couple of deep breaths and headed down the street to the bus stop. Since my battery was on 1%, I couldn’t look up to see when the next bus was coming, nor could I call my publisher to let her know that her friend never showed up.

So I sat on the bench and waited. About 15 minutes later, a car with a couple of guys pulled up and asked if I needed a lift. I smiled and politely told them no, so they drove off. About 12 minutes after that, an old man in a pick-up pulled at and asked if I needed a lift. He said the bus wasn’t coming for another 45 minutes. I actually took a few minutes to think, and I said that I just needed to get to the subway station. He agreed, and after a quick check in the back to make sure no one was hiding, I got in.

I know it must seem crazy, but it was broad daylight, and I was in a bit of a hurry. Plus he was an old man, so I figured that I had some strength on him just in case he tried something.

While in the truck, we introduced ourselves. He was from Albania and had been in the US over 10 years. He told me he gives rides to help him practice his English, which was almost flawless. I didn’t have any trouble understanding him. I gave him a fake name and told him my ride left me so I had to get the subway. And bonus… he had an iPhone charger. So I got my phone a little charged, enough to send a text to my publisher letting her know that I’ll call when I got back to my room and that she’s picking the place for dinner.

I got to the station safely, and profusely thanked him. He wouldn’t accept the money I tried to pay him, so I told him to be safe. After getting back to my room, I finally got a hold of my publisher, who let me know that work ran over and she wasn’t coming for dinner. She was very shocked to learn about the day’s events, so after filling her in, I went to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner and lots of drinks. I figured that I’d earned them.

The night was awesome. I talked with my best friend while eating dinner, and the waiter’s suggestion were very delicious. I even had room for more wine and dessert so I got the crème brûlée, which I love.

The girl even had the nerve to email me again about 9 that night, saying that she can come by the hotel to get the information, and if we could meet up the next day to apartment shop. I curtly let her know that she could google the information, that I was not available to meet her anywhere, and that I was at dinner and was shutting off my phone.

So yes, a problem that day but I was able to navigate through.


Day 19: Five items you lust after

  1. Cartier Love bracelet—I blame my friend Faye for this. Ever since she put it in her fanfiction, I’ve wanted one and hope to get one in the future.
  2. Diamond and Rose Quartz Halo ring—isn’t it pretty?
  3. Aquamarine Bow bracelet—I don’t even wear them, but I want this one. I love the blue!
  4. Wall Rotary phone—this reminds me of my childhood. My grandparents have one very similar to the one in the photo and it still works!
  5. Vintage cameras—I’d love to know the stories they captured.



Day 20: Your fears

That one day I’ll get sick of doing the things I love. I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen—like is it possible to still have your passion 40 years later?

That’s why I never went into research. Despite enjoying the laboratory setting, prepping brain slides, making gels and running PCR, I couldn’t see myself still doing it decades later. Maybe I just didn’t love it enough.

But I love acting, writing and creating so much. I could spend all my hours doing it. Maybe one day the high will wear off. But until then, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of this ride.


Day 21: How you hope the future will be like

I’m gonna expand a bit here and not talk about myself. I hope the world will be a brighter and smarter place. I hope that we’re more compassionate and stop having to always answer violence with violence, or ignorance and fear with violence. It doesn’t get us anywhere as a species and it only illustrates how not smart [humans] are. Now I get that if someone did something way awful, we’d have every right to defend ourselves. But there are times I’ve sat back and thought “I know there was another way we could have responded to/dealt with this.”

This isn’t really directed at anything as of late in the news, but I just get very weary of always reading how people need to hash things out with guns, missiles and shit like that. How disagreements that happened centuries ago are still affecting people now—it just doesn’t make any sense.

We need to let go of the ego that’s trapping us—forcing us to act upon shit that really doesn’t fucking matter anymore. We were all given this planet to care for as our home, and we’re treating it—and each other—very shitty. So I aim to be a bit smarter and I invite you guys to do the same. Maybe we can spread it around.

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