30-Day Challenge: Day 2


30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 2: Something you feel strongly about

This was hard because I feel passionately about many things: politics, the environment, my city, music, animals, and equality, among many other subjects. But today, I’m going to narrow it down to a couple of snippets.

  • The environment—it really bothers me when people are disrespectful to our planet and immediate surroundings. For example, I was recently in a drive-thru line and this asshole in front of me threw 2 soda cans out the passenger window. I was on the phone with a friend and said “Wow. This assclown in front of my just threw cans out his window.” Now because my window was down, he heard me and looked at me. And I looked at him, as if I was daring him to say something. He didn’t, and I drove off.
  • Children—while I was a vet assistant, I had helped out a coworker with a difficult client. I went in to finish up and in front of me, this douchenozzle of a guy was cursing out his child. This kid couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. I took a deep breath and told him to stop it.

Him: Oh what, is it offending you?

Me: Yeah. You are.

Him: …oh.

Me: He doesn’t understand what you’re saying. And I’m sure it’s cruel to use that kind of language on a child. Now, the doctor has put your dog’s medication up front and we’re done here. Have a good day. (walks out)

While I realize I could’ve have gotten into some sort of trouble, I really didn’t care. This dude was probably never told that he shouldn’t curse at children, and maybe I was the first. But I felt I had tolerated it too long while I was there—it was only a minute—and I’d had enough. At least I was polite about it.


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