#WriterWednesday: Update and Podcast

Hey everyone!

I wanted to pop on here to share an update and some news about the podcast. First, a couple of weeks ago I had flown out to Los Angeles for a job interview at a production company. The interview went very well, but I wasn’t offered the job in the end.

I was a bit sad but I realized that right now isn’t the best time for me to move had I was offered the job. A family member just had major surgery and now my oldest dog is very sick. So while my family member is being tended to, I was tasked with caring for the dog, as I’m the one with veterinary medicine experience in the family.

On the flipside, I was offered a job working in a bookstore close to my house. It’s pretty cool, in addition to my freelance work. Fits right into my schedule with writing and auditions, so I couldn’t ask for more!

As for LA, it’s always fun heading out there. Since this trip was very last minute and short, I wasn’t able to meet up with many people. But a friend and I were able to grab dinner and watch Kingsman on opening night at the Arclight, which is a very cool theatre—despite them not offering student discounts.

Seriously, what’s up with that? All the students in LA and the company doesn’t offer it. Sad state of affairs.

I had my 1st experiences with both Airbnb and Lyft, and they were awesome. They both will be used again in the future.


So onto the podcast! For a while, I wasn’t sure what I’d wanted it to be about. First, I wanted to interview writers and interesting people from all walks of life. But the reality is that not everyone’s schedules mesh well with mine to meet up to record. And since I don’t have a travel setup, I’ve had to schlep all my equipment with me, which is more weight than it appears.

While I know about remote calls and recording, I’ve found that the energy and sound work best when I’m physically with the people I’m recording. Most of the people I want to interview aren’t in my state, and traveling is expensive.

So my sister came up with an idea about allowing people to tell their own stories, and I love it. Starting in March, an episode will be released every other week with a person telling a story with a selected theme. The theme will change each month. For example, March’s theme will be luck—each story will be told about being lucky, or having some sort of good fortune.

To kick things off, the first episode will be me telling a story of my own. I may release the episodes every week, but it will depend on how many stories I receive. I will also upload the episodes onto the iTunes store so it’ll be easier to download and listen while you’re on the go. This will include the previous episodes as well. I’m really excited about it and I hope you guys will enjoy them too!

What are you all up to? What’s on your plate this week?



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