I will not be censored.

This breaks my heart.

For #WriterWednesday, instead of me posting about something I’m doing, I’d like you guys to read this and follow the call to action at the end. Post your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “I will not be censored.

  1. The woman is a child.

    She’s also a terrible writer.

    For #writerwednesday, find something that isn’t an entitled jerk boo-hooing about being asked to join the adult world.

    Also one who knows what a paragraph actually is.


    • Hello reader!

      First, I don’t believe she’s a child– she’s merely venting about a frustrating incident that happened at a place she once loved. I can relate, as I’m sure a lot of other adults can. Whether or not she’s a good writer or not doesn’t matter. It’s her blog– she can do whatever she’d like with it. People choose to read it. It’s really subjective.

      I thought it was cool to take a break from writer stuff and shed a light on something a fellow human had experienced. And furthermore, let’s keep the snark to a minimum. We’re all adults here. You can express your opinion without sounding like a complete jerk.


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