I will not be censored.

This breaks my heart.

For #WriterWednesday, instead of me posting about something I’m doing, I’d like you guys to read this and follow the call to action at the end. Post your thoughts below.


It absolutely breaks my heart to say this, but the New Beverly Cinema that have I loved and stood so ardently for – and that I believe so many of you out there love and stand up for – is gone.




The first time I walked into the New Beverly Cinema in October of 2001, I heard a little voice inside me say: “This is where you belong.” 



It felt like home.



I loved that the theater was slightly shabby, that the prices were too cheap, the butter was still real, the films were still on film. I loved the kooky cast of characters working there, and the even kookier regulars who came to watch the films.



All you needed to be welcomed with open arms was a love of film. 



Here was a place that was never about…

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2 thoughts on “I will not be censored.

  1. The woman is a child.

    She’s also a terrible writer.

    For #writerwednesday, find something that isn’t an entitled jerk boo-hooing about being asked to join the adult world.

    Also one who knows what a paragraph actually is.


    • Hello reader!

      First, I don’t believe she’s a child– she’s merely venting about a frustrating incident that happened at a place she once loved. I can relate, as I’m sure a lot of other adults can. Whether or not she’s a good writer or not doesn’t matter. It’s her blog– she can do whatever she’d like with it. People choose to read it. It’s really subjective.

      I thought it was cool to take a break from writer stuff and shed a light on something a fellow human had experienced. And furthermore, let’s keep the snark to a minimum. We’re all adults here. You can express your opinion without sounding like a complete jerk.


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