One small step for woman!

…well not that dramatic, but I’ve made good progress on my recordings today. While doing a trial run on my new Nessie microphone, I noticed a slight echo in the playback. While playing with different angles and distances, I thought about what my friend SomeGadgetGuy would say—look at your environment.

He’d done a great video on making your audio better, I’ll put the link down below. But he makes a good point. The room I’m in is untreated, larger than a recording booth with 2 windows and mirrors. And while the echo isn’t large, it’s still something I noticed. Which means it’s going to bother me until I get it right. I will say this about the Nessie; I had recorded next to a closed window and it didn’t pick up any of the noise outside. Awesome!

So it means back to the drawing board. Hmm… maybe some packing blankets on the next Amazon shipment is in order.


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