“Am I next?”

Letters in a window reads BLM for Black Lives Matter

I recently went to my first protest here in Baltimore, and it was a very uplifting experience.

Albeit, I was very nervous! I’d read the news of the how the police had been treating the protestors in other cities, and I was concerned that something would pop off here. I already don’t really like large crowds, but this was important and I wanted to support in some way.

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[AiW] Realizations…

Fountain pen and paper with purple flowers

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Happy Monday guys!

I don’t know why but I’m feeling very optimistic about this week. It’s weird because normally, I hate Mondays—like normal people. It’s usually a very busy day at work, with my rowdy kids, I’m usually exhausted by lunch, and I fight sleep as I’m driving home from work.

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[writerWednesday] Something that’s working…

Pen on a planner next to a cappuccino.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Happy Wednesday guys!

If you’re a regular 9-5 M-F person, your week is almost done so congratulations on making it this far! =) If not, then I guess it’s just Wednesday then? *shrug*

But this is my attempt at getting back into somewhat of a schedule so here goes. I’ve been keeping a planner—like an actual notebook I write in—for a few years now.

(It helps me to remember things if I write them down instead of putting into my phone.)

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